With a Message 


The quotation in this drawing is the last sentence of the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Within the DNA strand is an evolution of life from cells to species. The strand begins with Darwin's infamous "I Think" and ends with his sketch of the Tree of Life. 


Curiosity is one of our insatiable desires that we can feed

 without taking from or harming anyone or anything. 


It is through curiosity and learning that we can connect the puzzle pieces of the universe. 

It is the fullest emptiness, a painless hunger because even when we are satiated with knowledge, we can always yearn for more, and it is a yearning that does not pain us like greed.

Unlike greed for material possessions, wanting more knowledge is selfless, endless, and harmless. It allows us to break down the structures of our perceptions and see things differently. It opens the world and allows us to make new connections, over and over again, piecing together the puzzle of this universe.

Might I be the Question Mark Creature?


Celebrating those that dedicate themselves to educating our youth, growing a better world every day.